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Our Data

Meet PAMS, our forward-looking database of Physical Assets Matched with Securities, covering key energy-related sectors and financial asset classes.

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230,000+ assets matched with 35,000+ companies





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Our Solutions

We add value by integrating complex datasets to produce meaningful information that supports informed, actionable and impactful decision-making.

Data solutions

Ready-to-use data integrating physical asset-level data, financial data and environmental data.


  • Asset-level data:

We partner with leading business intelligence providers to distribute data on physical assets in the real economy.


  • Company-level data:

We match physical assets with security issuers and aggregate key indicators at company and security level.


  • Data engineering:

We build technical frameworks to support effective integration and use of the data.

Analytical applications

Key-in-hand solutions to transform data into meaningful information and support informed decision-making.


  • Scenario analysis:

We compare investment and asset portfolios with climate scenarios to identify transition risks and opportunities.


  • Physical risk analysis:

We analyse the exposure of specific assets to physical risks and help build resilience to climate change.


  • Custom solutions:

We produce key indicators and implement analytical solutions such as benchmarking, target setting, value-at-risk, etc.


Tailored services to disentangle complex issues and deliver actionable solutions.


  • Reporting services:

We provide scalable, data-driven solutions to support investor and company reporting.


  • Capacity building:

We provide tailored trainings to address complexity and focus on what makes a difference.


  • Technical advisory:

We are experts in our field and ready to support you with any technical challenge you may face.

Who we serve

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We help financial service providers, consultants, NGOs and research organisations develop scalable solutions that help financial institutions engage with climate action.

Financial service providers

We work with index providers, ESG data providers, financial analysts and other service providers to develop scalable products and services for financial institutions and investee companies. We offer data-driven solutions for a range of internal, reporting and commercial use cases.


We provide solutions to empower climate-related reporting for investors and companies, including standardised reports, white-label reports and custom reports. We offer custom data products building on both our aggregated datasets and physical asset-level data.

NGOs and research

We partner with non-profit and non-commercial organisations to continuously innovate and expand the scope and quality of our data. Our aim is to reduce the costs of data sourcing and processing for these stakeholders and to facilitate the market uptake of state-of-the-art solutions.

Financial institutions

When needed, we work directly with financial institutions, including banks, pension funds, insurance companies, investment funds and asset managers. We combine our data solutions with analytical and engineering services to ensure seamless integration of our data into decision-making processes.

About us

Why we are here


Our mission is to optimise the accessibility and use of physical asset-level data for climate-related financial analysis. 


Our vision is of a financial sector that empowers the global economy to take swift and decisive action in line with the Paris Agreement.




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How we make the difference


We believe in trust, transparency and innovation. 


Establishing trusted and transparent relationships with our partners and clients is critical as we support high-profile financial decision-making.


We also fully understand the complexity and urgency of the climate challenge and the need for innovative solutions.


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How we are governed


Asset Resolution was founded by the 2° Investing InitiativeOur board is composed of representatives of non-profit, non-commercial organisations.


Asset Resolution is part of an activity that has received funding from Climate-KIC and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). This body of the European Union receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Our Team

  • Noémie Klein – CEO
  • Taylor Posey – Data Manager
  • Vincent-Jerosch-Herold – Product Manager
  • Rémi Gigoux– Data Scientist
  • Daan Koopman – Data Scientist
  • Bentley Tang – Data Analyst
  • Andrea Balletta – Data Analyst
  • Marianne Chéreau – Office Manager

Our Board

  • The Carbon Tracker Initiative, represented by its Founder and Executive Chair, Mark Campanale
  • The 2° Investing Initiative, represented by its President, Robin Edme
  • Alex Clark, PhD researcher at the University of Oxford
  • Thomas O’Neill, Founder and Director of Universal Owner
  • Susanne Schmitt, Senior Lead at Earth Security


Asset Resolution is a growing team of developers, analysts, and sustainable finance specialists working to provide data about the climate transition.


We are currently looking to join our team:

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